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Bottled Water Questions

Why should I drink more water?

When you consider that water plays a role in every body function and is found in every living cell, it's no wonder you can't live without it. If you want to know more about the benefits of proper hydration, visit the pages throughout the About Bottled Water

What type of bottled water do you offer?

We offer purified, re-mineralized bottled water

Where does your water come from?

The majority of our water comes from deep well below the earth's surface and is inspected, tested and certified to bring you the best tasting, highest quality water

How do you ensure your Water's quality?

Learn more about our bottled water quality in our quality standards page in "About Bottled Water." Or, for specifics, view our water quality reports

What water container sizes are available?

Depending on your location, we deliver a wide variety of container sizes such as:

  • 5 Gallon Returnable Bottles
  • 3 Gallon Returnable Bottles in retail markets
  • 6 Litre Non-Returnable Bottle in retail markets
  • 1.5 Litre Bottles (12/Case) in retail markets
  • 0.5 Litre Bottles (24/Case) in retail markets
How much water do most people typically use?

Each family or office consumes water at its own pace. The average person expels 2.5 litres of water each day, through regular body functions such as perspiration, respiration, evaporation, urination, etc. This water needs to be replaced daily. A small portion of it may come from the food you eat or other beverages, but the healthiest form is pure water. To estimate how much your household or office might need a month, use our hydration calculator

Why should I choose home delivery over buying water at the store?

Having our water delivered to your home or office is refreshing, convenient and affordable. For about forty rupees a day (based on average household of 4 people) you can have crisp, refreshing bottled water delivered.

Do you use glass bottles?

As of this time, we only use returnable plastic bottles. Not only does it weighs less and is safer to deliver, but it also recyclable.

What is PET plastic, and why is it safe for use in bottled water containers?

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a clear, tough polymer that provides an excellent barrier against oxygen and carbon dioxide. Because of those properties, it has become the plastic material of choice for food and beverage packaging. Consistent with studies by regulators and independent research groups, a 2000 report from the International Life Sciences Institute indicates that “PET itself is biologically inert if ingested, is dermally safe during handling, and is not a hazard if inhaled.”

Also note that re-use of this bottle can be hazardous, so kindly do not re-use this bottle in your offices or home after consuming our water from it.

Do you recycle your bottles?

Absolutely! This is partially the reason we can offer such high-quality water at an affordable price. When we deliver new 3 or 5-gallon bottles to your home, we pick up the empty bottles, which we sanitize thoroughly and reuse.

How long is the shelf-life of a bottle of bottled water?

Our industry, in conjunction with the governing agencies that monitor our strict standards, has set the shelf-life of bottled water at one year. Water should be stored in a cool (5°C to 25 ° C degrees), dark (away from sunlight) and dry (modest humidity-less than 50%) place. It should be as far away as possible from substances such as chemicals, detergents, cleaning supplies, gasoline, etc.

Our product is a natural product that contains no chemicals or preservatives. As a result, extended exposure to the sun can cause bacterial growth. To prevent this common and natural process from occurring and to maintain the quality of your bottled water keep the bottle out of direct sunlight and place in a cool, dry, chemical free area. If stored properly, water in 3 and 5-gallon containers has a shelf life of one year. Smaller containers, 0.5 Litre, 1.5 Litre and 6 Litre bottles, are made with a thinner grade of plastic than larger bottles and have an optimal shelf life of about 6 months (but remain drinkable for one year). They have a shorter shelf life because they are more permeable to outside odors. Again, the key is how water is stored.

Can I use it for all purposes?

Culligan bottled water adheres to the quality standards of national and international regulations, so is safe to use for all purposes: drinking, cooking, preparation of baby bottles, cosmetic and hygiene uses, etc

What is characteristic about Culligan Bottled water?

In general Culligan bottled water is characterized by its low mineral content, especially sodium, making it refreshing and suitable for consumption by people of all ages.

What are the production standards of Culligan Bottled water?

Culligan Bottled Water is subject to the most stringent quality standards at both national and international levels, including the NSF and World Health Organization's guidelines for drinking water. Our water is laboratory tested hourly and meets all government and industry standards for bottled water. See quality certification

Is Culligan member of any organization that protects the quality standards ?

Culligan is a proud member of several industry organizations that ensure the highest quality standards: PSQCA (Pakistan Standards Quality Control Authority) Whereas, Culligan International is a member of IBWA and NSF

How can I be sure I have water for an emergency?

One obvious solution is to obtain home delivery for your water. This ensures that you always have the purest water available for drinking through the year. If you are wondering how much you should have on hand at a time, the Red Cross recommends 1 gallon per person per day for a week. Or you can collect your deliveries from our Culligan Water Shop located at different localities in the Karachi city.

How do I get my security Deposit refund?

Call our Customer Services at 111-35-35-35 or Contact Us and inform that you require refund for your security deposit. You will receive the refund at your delivery address within 10 – 15 working days.

Corporate Clients will need to inform us by Fax (2565914) or e-mail us at info@culligan.com.pk or send request at our postal address.

How do I get my delivery address changed?

Call our Customer Services at 111-35-35-35 or Contact Us and inform about your new address. The delivery at new address will be made within 2 – 3 working days. Corporate Clients will need to inform us by Fax (2565914) or e-mail us at info@culligan.com.pk or send request at our postal address.

I am a retailer, how can I re-sell your product?

Thank you for your interest. Please contact us at: 111-35-35-35 or at info@culligan.com.pk

I want to speak to someone about advertising or event opportunities, who should I contact?

Thank you for your interest. Please reach out to our Marketing Contact at: info@culligan.com.pk


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