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Crystal Clear Great Tasting water the easy way

Looking for quality, clean, refreshing water service for your home ?
Store-bought bottled water can get expensive, and hauling all that water home is no fun. Wouldn’t it be nice to have great tasting water, as much as you need, delivered right to your home or office?

Who can you trust to provide top-quality water with friendly, dependable service? Your Culligan Man, of course!

Thousands of consumers depend on Culligan to deliver great tasting bottled water to their homes and offices each day. Our dependable, courteous delivery people will ensure that your water is on time, every time!

For easy dispensing of our 19 Liter bottles (5 gallon) we offer an option of cradle tap-stand or Hot & Cold water dispenser depending on your need.

How Our Delivery Service Works:
  1. Once you’ve placed your order, our dedicated delivery specialist will deliver your selected bottled water products, plus, install and set-up the water dispenser, if applicable. You’ll also be informed about the delivery schedule and agree where you’ll place empty bottles.
  2. After your initial delivery, leave out any empty water bottles and your delivery sales representative will replace with filled bottles and any other items you may have ordered, regardless of whether you are home .
  3. Manage your account by calling our customer service at 111-35-35-35 or visiting our Culligan Water Shop, change or add products, even skip deliveries when on vacation or refer to our FAQ section

To get started, just call us at 111-35-35-35, visit our Culligan Water Shop or Sign Up Online. You’ll have great-tasting bottled water in your home right away.

Don’t have a bottled water cooler? No problem. Simply click on the image of the Hot & Cold water dispenser!

A hot cup of tea, warm cup of cocoa, or a cold instant drink. It always tastes better with Culligan water. Choose the best cooler for your family’s needs. Our hot & cold water dispensers offer child-resistant hot water tap that make it more difficult for young children to operate, thus reducing the chance of injury.

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For Home Delivery of 19 Liters (5 gallons)