12 Litre Bottle (Minimum 3)

Rs.180 every 3 months

Products that will be added:

  • Empty Bottle Charges (Non-refundable)

How many bottles do you wish to open your account with? Minimum 3 bottles are required to get registered in order to open an account for yourself. Further, empty bottle charge of Rs 500 per bottle will be charged one time only in addition to water charges. Guide for Number of bottles to be registered for account opening:
Delivery will be made once a week only, so select the number of bottles according to your number of your households:

Number of Household Estimated Number of bottles required per week
2 – 3 3
4 4 to 5
5 5 to 6
6 6 to 7
7 7 to 8
8 8 to 9

Note: The minimum purchase of the 12 litre bottle is 3 for the first time only.

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