Water Dispenser Questions

We offer an array of water dispensers and products to service all of your bottled water needs. Our water dispenser models include both electrical and non-electrical options that serve water at a variety of temperatures (hot, cold and room temperature).

We are water specialists and can still deliver any of our bottled water products that are available in your area. In fact, our 5-gallon water bottles are industry standard, so fitting your dispenser is no problem. Plus, if you prefer the convenience of single-serve bottles we have a variety of sizes available. Order individual products online or call 111-35-35-35

Our hot water dispensers offer child-resistant spigot options that make it more difficult for young children to operate, thus reducing the chance of injury.

Placing a bottle on the dispenser is easy; but it depending on the size might be awkward. If your dispenser does not have a water guard system, remove the cap from the bottle, and place the bottle onto the dispenser. If your dispenser has a water guard system, remove the label from the top of the bottle cap and place the bottle with cap onto the dispenser. The spill-safe attachment on all our dispensers will push open the valve in the cover saving you from spilling or contaminating the water. For more information see “No Spill System” or dispenser cleaning instructions.

The plastic part you see floating is part of the safety cap that allows the ”spill free” system to work. Like most technology, though the cap is imperfected and if you place the bottle on the dispenser at an angle this small plastic piece sometimes becomes detached and floats up into the bottle. Don’t worry – it is food grade plastic and safe. Plus, it is too large to flow through your reservoir into your cup. Just remember, if you remove your bottle before its empty, it will no longer be “spill free”.

If you have a “spill-free” type bottle, grip both sides of the bottle and pull it straight up. If you are removing a bottle that still has water in it, the bottle should not spill as long as the original white plastic piece has not floated up inside the bottle and the covering cap has not been removed.

There may be several reasons for this mysterious phenomenon:

  • Check to make sure the dispenser is plugged in and that the circuit breaker isn’t tripped. Sometime we overlook the obvious.
  • Next, keep in mind that you dispenser is made to cool approximately one gallon of water to 5° C every 30 minutes. If the weather is warm and the dispenser is getting a lot of usage, it’s like being the last kid in the line getting a drink after gym class. If cooler has just been used extensively leave to re-chill for 15 minutes. One dispenser just can’t keep up with the volume. You may need to order more dispenser to meet the demand.

If water’s cool, but not cold enough, there is a thermostat on the back wire fence that can be adjusted. Turn the screw on the back middle thermostat clockwise to make the water cooler and counter-clockwise to make it warmer. Turning all the way to the left (counter clockwise) will turn off the cooling capacity. Make adjustments slowly and don’t immediately turn it all the way up. Wait 15-20 minutes between adjustments to see if you are at your desired temperature.

If water isn’t cool at all and adjusting the thermostat doesn’t work, you probably have a mechanical problem. Call our Customers Service at 111-35-35-35 Contact Us.

There is a hot tank switch on the back of the unit that needs to be in the on position. If the switch is on and the water is not hot, we’ll need to check your dispenser to evaluate and correct the malfunction Call our Customer Service at 111-35-35-35 Contact Us.

The very first thing you should do is unplug the unit. Stop all electricity going to the unit to avoid further damage. The unit will need to be exchanged or repaired. WE DO NOT recommend you to fix this problem yourself. Please call customer service at 111-35-35-35 and we will have the dispenser exchanged (if still under warranty) or repaired.

Simply tighten the top of the water spigot; underneath the lever. If the water is still dripping out after you tighten the top, call customer service at 111-35-35-35 and we will be glad to help.

No water flows from the taps
Replace the bottle, if empty. There may be an air blockage. Lift the bottle off the cooler and place it back on. Perform this procedure 2 or 3 times. Ensure that there are cups positioned on the cup station and open both taps

Replace the bottle, if empty. There may be an air blockage. Lift the bottle off the cooler and place it back on. Perform this procedure 2 or 3 times. Ensure that there are cups positioned on the cup station and open both taps.

If your dispenser is leaking, please remove the bottle. Nine times out of ten it’s not the dispenser, but the bottle that is causing the leak, especially is the leak isn’t coming from the front (out of the spigot), and looks like it is coming out the top or back.

After many cycles of cleaning and sanitizing, polycarbonate bottles can sometimes develop a tiny fracture or a pinhole. It may initially hold water, but once the bottle is placed on the dispenser and the water level drops during use it cannot hold the vacuum which develops. It is the vacuum which keeps the water in the inverted bottle.

To determine whether a bottle is leaking, remove it from the dispenser. Allow the dispenser to sit without the bottle and without anyone using it for at least one hour. After the hour, if you can fill a cup of water from the dispenser without putting a new bottle on the dispenser then the bottle is defective. You will have to replace the bottle on the dispenser. Return the damaged bottle to your driver on your next delivery day, marked prominently with the word LEAKER. The bottle will be taken out of production and recycled into other products made of polycarbonate. If you have trouble or it makes a mess, please Contact Us and we’ll be glad to help.

Cooler is noisy
Some coolers will make a noise when heating or cooling. This is normal and will stop after a short while.

Actually, it’s not a drain – it’s a just a drip tray, so whatever falls into the drip tray will stay there until removed. To clean the drip tray, pull up on the tray and it should detach from the water dispenser. Be careful to pull smoothly or whatever is in the tray will splash. Clean the tray with warm soapy water and place back on the dispenser.

See Cooler Cleaning Instructions/guide or call our customer service at 111-35-35-35 and we will schedule a visit by our Maintenance department to sanitize your cooler at a small charge.