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The Small Pack bottles from Culligan help you to enjoy the great taste of Culligan Water, wherever you are.

  • School Lunches
  • When you exercise
  • On your daily commute to work
  • Sports activities
  • …….. And many more uses

Culligan Small Packs are available at a retail store near you! Or at Culligan Water Shops and are also conveniently delivered by your Delivery Sales Representative (DSR) with your normal water delivery of 19 Liter (5 gallon).

0.5 Liters Bottle

0.5 Liter (500 ml)

Meet the handy 0.5 liter It is the perfect size bottle for any occasion. It’s easy to toss into a purse or suitcase and take on-the-go. Whether it be work or that afternoon soccer game, this size can conveniently accompany you anywhere you go!

Pack Size:
12 bottles per case

1.5 Liters Bottle

1.5 Liter (1500 ml)

Our 1.5 liter water is perfect for one of those days when you just need extra hydration. Take it with you on longer trips or just leave it by your desk at the office. Wherever you go, you will be sure you’ll have pure refreshment by your side.

Pack Size:
6 bottles per case

6 Liters Bottle

6.0 Liter Bottle

Our 6.0 liter bottle features an easy carry, easy pour handle. Stay hydrated at home, at parties or anywhere you need a lot of water.

Pack Size:
Single Bottle