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Personal Information
To make your experience pleasant, we collect certain information from your end. This does not mean you have to disclose your personal information (unless explicitly asked). When you visit our sites, certain cookies and bots track your behavior on the site. This helps us in determining how we can serve you better.

For instance, we store the domain names from which people land on our site. This data is analyzed by our data scientists to shape trends and brainstorm marketing and selling strategies. Please note that we do no sell your information to 3 rd parties. We respect the integrity of your data.

This site is intended to be used by users over the age 14. If you are below that age, we urge you to not provide us your personal information and take leave from the site immediately.

At Culligan, we strive to protect the integrity of your personal information. We have deployed cutting edge cyber technology to safeguard all transactions; including credit card information and other credentials sent to us online. If you think your security is compromised, please reach out to your bank or credit card company immediately.

As a means of promotion, we might share backlinks to our affiliated businesses. These links are provided as a service to users; should they choose to avail it. Culligan shall in no way be responsible for the content shared on these sites.