19 Litre Bottle (Minimum 3)



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  • Deposit (Minimum 3 - Refundable)

Signup for Office Delivery

How many bottles do you wish to open your account with? Minimum 3 bottles are required to get registered in order to open an account for yourself. Further, a security deposit of Rs 1000 per bottle will be charged, which is refundable upon account closure. Guide for Number of bottles to be registered for account opening:
Delivery will be made once a week only, so select the number of bottles according to your number of your households:


Number of Household Estimated Number of bottles required per week
2 – 3 3
4 4 to 5
5 5 to 6
6 6 to 7
7 7 to 8
8 8 to 9

Note: The minimum purchase of the 19 litre bottle is 3 and you also have to pay a deposit of Rs 1000 over the price of each bottle.


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