Which Company is Right for Me ?

A lot of time is generally spent determining why people should drink bottled water, but less effort is put into actually finding a reliable bottled water delivery service company. This may result in a delivery service that provides undesirable results.

By doing a little research, you will find the best companies are those dedicated to providing high quality bottled water and reliable delivery representatives. Specifically, the difference can be found in the taste and the service. When choosing your bottled water delivery service, follow these simple tips:

First, high quality bottled water is essential. Careful assessment is critical when making the right bottled water choice. You want the water you drink to taste pure and clean. Specifically, evaluate how bottled water is processed and whether they meet or exceed the quality standards required by outside agency regulations.

Second, seek a company whose core business is delivering bottled water. These companies have experienced and dedicated service professionals who are able to meet and exceed your expectations. Plus, they often offer convenient and flexible delivery options. It’s also a good idea to research the training and company standards their delivery professionals must go through. After all, it’s all about the service. Further, a visit to these companies will help you to judge for yourself.

Third, look for variety. Since there are many different packaging preferences, seek a company that provides a selection of bottle water in convenient sizes. While many companies offer bottled water delivery, they may not offer packaging choices. Without alternatives, you might be forced to select a product that doesn’t meet your needs.

Why choose us to provide your bottled water delivery service?

Our bottled water is crisp, refreshing, tastes good AND is conveniently delivered to your door!

Bottled water delivery service from us means:

Affordable Selections

With a variety of bottle sizes, dispensers, water types and bottled water delivery service plans to choose from, our delivery options make it easy for you to enjoy the convenience of crisp, refreshing, great-tasting bottled water delivered directly to your home or office.

Fulfilling All Your Water Needs

We have Culligan Water Shops around the city, where our complete range of products is on display and our staff will be at hand to answer any quires you might have. To make things easier in case you miss out on delivery or require an urgent supply, just visit the Culligan Water Shop any time between 10 am to 9 pm.

Refreshing Quality

Not just any water makes it into our bottles. Our bottled water has a crisp, clean taste, and offers quality, safety and convenience. Providing such crisp, refreshing, great-tasting water is a complex process and we take several steps to process our bottled water. We are proud of the quality of our products which often exceeds our own company standards and external bottled water regulations. Discover the steps we take to ensure we deliver high quality bottled water.

Convenient Delivery

With our convenient and reliable delivery service, you will receive much more than just bottled water delivery. You’ll get a regular, personable, helpful connection with bottled water specialists. Our Delivery Sales Representatives (DSRs) are known as dedicated delivery specialists because of their commitment to customer service and making certain your delivery service is hassle free and is focused on you, the customer. In fact, our DSR’s go through extensive background checks and product knowledge training which they must pass before entering their training phase. Learn more about what selecting our bottled water delivery service means for you.